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Get woke

I woke up at 5am this morning. Over the past week I have chosen to wake up at 5am four times. I am very proud of myself.

I’m doing this because I have read that it is the habit of a successful person. If you want to make something of your life, you must wake up early and start your day off correctly. I have chosen to start mine with this blog post.

Books that changed my life / Part 1

I want to begin this post by telling you what I look for in a good self-help book.  There have been many books that I've started and decided, usually after giving it a really good go, that they aren't for me.  I don't like books that ask me to believe in things that are illogical.  I don't like books that attempt to inspire me.  I allow a certain amount of airy-fairy nonsense into my life as long as it is self-aware nonsense.  I think one can certainly be too rigid in their beliefs because facts can change when more evidence is gathered.  But there's a line.  Here are three books that I really enjoyed, that helped me see the world differently and didn't cross that line.

Okay, let's start again

Back in my days as a mindless consumer, my favourite thing to buy was a new start.  It could take the form of a new notebook or a new jacket; a new pair of shoes or some new gear for my music.  "This," I'd think to myself, "is the start of something new.  The next chapter in my life.  A new me, more confident and capable than ever." 

Back to work

I have had two weeks away from work.  I used to dread going back; focussing on the early mornings and the noise.  Seventeen children armed with saxophones waiting for me through the winding corridors of the school.  I'd have rushed out of my house, skipped breakfast and no time for coffee, to try and speak over the echoing honks that filled my days.


I have recently been moved by Dottie James's YouTube videos in which she attempts to improve her life in one year simply by trying to.  It is such an uncomplicated concept and is so beautiful for it.   I have a vested interest in seeking out philosophies, thought patterns or habits that might improve my life; but I feel they may overcomplicate what could be a fairly easy concept.

Just try.

Time warp

I have a very specific childhood memory of sitting in my living room watching the clock and realising that seconds, though the smallest unit of time I knew, were actually quite long.  The fact you are taught to say "Mississippi" between counts shows that it is a longer amount of time than you might expect.  And the days seemed so long back then.


We have an incredible amount of influence over our own reality.  We think of reality as a truth; it is experienced through our senses.  We see it, smell it, hear it, feel it.  There is evidence of it all around us.  But our true experience of this world is governed by our interpretation of the information gathered through our senses.  And our interpretation is affected by the lives we have lead up until this point.

Forgetting things

It always takes me by surprise how often I forget things.  Thanks to minimalism, simplifying and owning less stuff, I forget tangible things much less frequently.  I know where my keys are most of the time.  I can always find my pen.  My hairbrush?  It's in the box where I keep it.  I just don't own enough things to forget where they are.

Urgent vs. Important

Here's an important distinction that I hadn't previously considered: urgency and importance.  How are they different?  Urgent things certainly feel important as the deadline looms closer and your heart rate increases and palms start to sweat, but are they?

Shopping ethically on a budget

As I may have mentioned, I'm a bit fussy when it comes to where my money goes.  And it can be a little time-consuming researching companies' policies and what their factories look like (worth it, though; but time-consuming nonetheless).  One excellent option when it comes to shopping ethically on a budget is shopping at charity shops.

🎥 Minimalism • 3 THINGS, 3 MINUTES

In the spirit of my last post, I'm trying to use more of the spare moments of my day to get things done.  And that gave me the idea of this series: three things you can do that take three minutes or less to get closer to being minimalist - or wherever it is you want to be.  I've got lots of exciting topics lined up; can't wait to share them with you!

Decluttering who you thought you'd be

Sometimes we hang onto things because it's too difficult to give up on the dream we had attached to them: the jeans we wanted to fit into one day, the activewear set for when we start going to the gym, the tableware for when we start hosting dinner parties...  They hold a different kind of sentimental value.  Our reluctance to get rid of them stems from our fear of failure or giving up.  But the jeans don't fit, you don't have an opportunity to wear the activewear and you don't have time to even consider planning a dinner party.