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Poem: Loss

Poem: Loss

Less is more

Then what of loss?

What of time?

And what of cost?

What of future?

What of past?

And foolish assumptions that

good things last?

The ferryman knocked once at my door

And asked me what my life was for.

“My life?”, I said. “I had not thought

much further than these things I’d bought.”

What of pain?

What of the cure?

What of the loss

of a thing so pure?

The ferryman knocked again and said,

“Let me sleep here on your bed.

Let me love you and be loved in return

and show you what there is to learn

about what is good -

truly good.”

What of family?

What of price?

What of love

and sacrifice?

The ferryman slowly blinked at me

and rearranged her little paws.

A quiet reminder of just how much

happiness for us she’d caused

and I forgot, just then, that all doors must

one day soon be closed.

And I forgot, just then, how much it hurts

to lose the one you love the most.

But there’s a price for everything

and I’d take the burden any day

than have you suffer any more

when it’s not your price to pay.

You offered us everything

and changed our lives complete;

from your comfort to your kindness;

from your whiskers to your feet.

There is a price for everything

and I feel it in my chest;

a pain this sharp in fair exchange

for having been so blessed.

There is a price for everything

and I’d pay it ten times more

to have you well and have you here

being what our lives are for.

What of heartbreak?

What of the end?

What of goodbyes

to my best friend?

What of tears?

What of sleep?

What of memories

to keep?

The ferryman has taught me well

with her bag of lessons to sell.

I accept your deal. I’ll pay the price.

I’ll love unburdened. I’ll roll the dice.

For such a little body,

you have left quite a hole.

I feel it in my heart

and I see it in my home.

I miss you, little princess,

and I’ll love you every day;

thank you for giving me something worth making

this sorrow a fair price to pay.

Carmen x

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