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Vegan Heaven, Kuta, Bali

Vegan Heaven, Kuta, Bali

The main reason we decided to go to Bali was to eat.  I had spent months researching, told my boyfriend exactly how incredible the food would be and organised our accommodation around where the good vegan restaurants were.  So it was with some trepidation that we left our AirBnb for the first meal.  After all, my other half had trusted me to make all of the decisions and here we were, the other side of the world having spent hundreds of pounds getting here, and all because I said it was a good idea.

What if it was terrible?  What if their concept of veganism was different to ours?  What if it was dirty?  What if I'd got it all incredibly wrong?

Well, what a waste of mental energy that all was.  Vegan Heaven was truly incredible.

The restaurant is set in a beautiful garden with a pond of koi (don't forget your mosquito spray!)  I should also add at this point that, in our efforts to find the place, we accidentally wandered around somebody's home.  Once you find the gate with Vegan Heaven written on it, you want to walk straight ahead and slightly left.  There's an entranceway there though it can be difficult to see in the dark.

We started off with "proteina" skewers and tofu tempura.  The skewers was so meaty that we were both suspicious but our worries were calmed by Vinny who informed us it was "proteina".  The sauce was delicious.  I have not tasted anything like it.

I love tempura but, the one time I tried to make it, I ended up crisping up my arms and, despite having offered the tempura-gods my own flesh, the tempura came out all horrible.  Very disappointing.  Because of this, I am an unusually generous tempura-critic.  We both agreed, though, that the tempura was absolutely delicious; the best tempura I've ever had (particularly with the sauce the skewers came in).


For the main, I had the nasi goreng.  As the menu above informs us, it was 35K.  This, in Great British Pounds, is just less than a £2.  I've just had to check on several different websites because I didn't think that could be correct.  But, it is.

It was a coconutty, healthy, filling delight with tofu and tempeh.  The vegetables were so fresh and crunchy while having absorbed a good amount of the sauce making the overall taste exactly what I needed for my first meal after travelling for a million hours.


Charles ordered the Gado Gado which is something I ended up developing a bit of an obsession for.  Tempeh and tofu in a thick, peanut sauce.  Honestly, it was so beautiful.  I really enjoyed my meal but Charles let me try his and I was quite jealous.  I ordered many a Gado Gado while in Bali to make up for this oversight.


If you're in Kuta, you need to visit this place.  It is so peaceful and beautiful; you wouldn't think you were a short walk from the busy high street.

Carmen x

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