Friday, 6 April 2018

Forgetting things

It always takes me by surprise how often I forget things.  Thanks to minimalism, simplifying and owning less stuff, I forget tangible things much less frequently.  I know where my keys are most of the time.  I can always find my pen.  My hairbrush?  It's in the box where I keep it.  I just don't own enough things to forget where they are.

But I forget the important things all. the. time.  I forget to be grateful.  I forget how much I love this world.  I forget about what I decided my purpose is.  I forget how exciting it is that there's a whole world to explore.  I forget that one day I'll die.

Recently, I haven't been feeling top notch.  But then, as if by magic, I remembered everything important.  I remembered how fleeting my time here is.  I remembered how lucky I am to be so comfortable.  I remembered how much I love all the people in my life.

When we focus on life's minutiae, we aren't able to see the bigger picture.  And we need the bigger picture to fully understand our role within it.  The bigger picture gives us perspective, joy and the ability to see how we influence the world.

What are you forgetting?

Carmen x

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