Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Matt & Nat Black Odelay Dwell Shoulder Bag

It seems to be quite normal that people make the odd purchase in the name of minimalism.  I, certainly, have fallen ill to this phenomenon.  I follow the age-old rules of waiting several weeks, thinking about where I would put it and asking myself repeatedly whether I really need it but occasionally, through the multi-layered filters, something slips through.

One such thing is the Matt & Nat Black Odelay Dwell Soulder Bag.  "Why?", I hear you ask.  "Why would you make this purchase when you are aiming to be a minimalist?!"  I hear you, friend, and I acknowledge how sensible a question it is.  I bought this bag because, due to its small size and removal strap, it is both a purse AND a small shoulder bag.  This meant that I could get rid of my purse and my small shoulder bag.  It was very exciting because I could make a minimalist move while also getting a new bag which is one hell of a combination.

Then let's mention how nice it actually looks.

It's sleek, it's stylish and, most importantly, it is eco-friendly.  To quote the bag itself (chatty thing it is), "This lining is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.  We recycle on average 2 Million + plastic bottles per year."  Any company with an ethos as beautiful as that can have my money.

I use the front compartment for cash, the small pocket at the back for cards, and the large central one for my phone, keys and occasionally a little bit of make-up.  It couldn't hold much else but having all of your essentials in one small, stylish bag has made it a lot easier to gather them up when rushing out the house.  I either pop the bag sans strap into my handbag or attach the strap and off I go.  Minimalist, eco-friendly and stylish.  Just like I hope this blog will be.

Get it here.


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